Who I Am

Mystical traveler, creative being, empowered Goddess, and gentle humble human. A bit of a black swan or late bloomer, if I’m honest.

I had a rough start in life. Alcoholism & abuse in the family, codependence and more abuse (always more and more and more) led to a life of depression, self-worth issues, deep neediness and fear of abandonment. Always seeking the validation I never received growing up. Psychiatric intensive care units and myriad professionals sought to tell me that I was fundamentally flawed and would need medication for life, painting a disempowering picture for me to believe, but I chose a different story.

I consider myself a wounded healer. I’ve walked the worlds, confronted my shadows, and come back to the light continually to guide others toward more self-love and care. I found that I do have the strength to face this world without the crutch of pharmaceuticals or substances. Hidden in my suffering were deep spiritual gifts, pearls of wisdom, and that faith could support me to rise above any struggle. Most importantly, I learned to trust my own voice over the so-called experts and to seek the kind of support that truly allows me to feel safe and accepted.

That’s why I’m here. I can meet you where you are because chances are I’ve been there, too. The world has broken my heart open time and time again so that I can learn to heal and find resilience through choosing to love and honor myself. I believe I can guide you to do the same, to choose yourself first so that you too can step into leadership and help others, or simply find some relief from self-defeating patterns.

Thank you for being here. You are whole, you are loved, and you are worthy. I honor you.