What I Offer

Have trouble showing up for yourself when it comes to exercise, nutrition, meditation, and self care? Perhaps you’d like to do more yoga or get started doing yoga, but walking into a studio of bendy bodies feels intimidating. Do you doubt your ability to live up to your potential and fulfill your life’s purpose? I’m here to empower you with the skills and tools you need to be successful at self love and self care, and to hold you lovingly accountable for using them on a regular basis.

I hear it all of the time now: “You’re so grounded, peaceful, calm. You have such a gentle presence.” You’d never guess that just a few years ago I was struggling to keep myself out of the mental hospital – literally! Before you run away, I can assure you that I am not crazy – far from it. I’m one of the misfits who is here on purpose to help create a new world. I needed a wake up call to bring me back to my true nature!

Hopefully your awakening is a more gentle process. That’s why I’m here. I hold gentle space for you to evolve into your greatest expression of Self through yoga and movement, holistic health and nutrition, energy healing, and more.

I have a variety of training and experience including Indian Yoga Therapy, kundalini and ashtanga yoga, Ayurveda, holistic life coaching, women’s spiritual leadership coaching, Past Life Healing, and Reiki energy healing. I love to share my understanding of Indian philosophy and a variety of spiritual concepts and practices that have helped me learn to hold my center in an increasingly crazy world.

Our sessions together can be as simple as private therapeutic yoga in which you receive guidance to create a gentle and consistent practice that is appropriate for your body and its needs. We can go a little deeper and explore holistic health options ranging from Ayurveda and vegetarianism, candida cleansing and food allergy elimination diets, herbal remedies and holistic supplements, lifestyle adaptations, and other ways to support wellbeing.

We can also explore the energy of your subtle body and clear out any blockages, cleanse the aura, energize and balance the chakras, and encourage the life force energy to return to its natural state of flow. I can guide you in meditations and visualizations that empower your own ability to heal yourself through energy healing, chakra balancing, astral travel and lucid dreaming, or mindfulness and stress reduction. I can help you draw intuitive oracle cards from a variety of decks in order to receive messages from Spirit and to help strengthen your own intuition. For the bravest of souls, we can venture into your past lives and clear the residual negative emotions from traumatic experiences so that they no longer affect your current life situation.


Any of these modalities can be blended into a cohesive healing intensive, or you can choose to focus on one offering at a time. Please allow 90 minutes if you intend to receive Past Life Healing or if you want to go deeper into other modalities in a longer session.

Remote sessions can include distance energy healing, oracle reading, and holistic coaching. Remote services are available over phone or video chat. Private therapeutic yoga and healing is available in your home (space permitting) for individuals and small groups in the Indianapolis, IN area.

Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment.

All in-person private services are currently offered at:

Green Lotus Therapeutics

3024 N Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you!